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V-ASC v4.3  Public Computer Management Software released
V-ASC Screen A complete suite of library public access  management software available from Veicon for multiple network architectures.

Veicon releases a new version of V-ASC Authenticated Session Control software which supports multiple network architectures including PCs,  thin clients and hybrid (mixed) systems.  V-ASC v4.3 includes advanced time management,
real-time authentication and sign-up self service solution, and many new advanced features.   V-ASC v4.3  represents the culmination of 10  years of proven experience in the library market.   For more information,  please contact Veicon at info@veicon.com.

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   Veicon Technology Adds Print Cost Recovery software for "pay for printing"
Veicon Technology, Inc., expands capabilities of the V-Print service to include Print Cost Recovery (PCR) solutions for libraries. Veicon successfully offers  PCR solutions with a wide range of "pay for print" options to save library staff time and operating budget. Some of the many benefits of V-Print-PCR include: Low initial and on-going cost, patron privacy, and the ability to integrate with existing PCR setups libraries may have in place.  For instance,  an existing staff PC can be used to run OTC  (Over The Counter) version of V-Print  software, saving both space and cost.

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