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 V-Link: Integrated Public Access Solution

"We will go back to PCs over my dead body."

Technical Services Librarian, Tualatin Public Library, OR

Secure & Central - Solving headaches
In one complete package, Veicon provides an ultra-low maintenance public access solution more efficient and durable than any PC system.

V-Link has the security that patrons demand; personal data is automatically and permanently sanitized from the stations and server at the end of each session. V-Link remains 100% protected, even from unknown worms and viruses.

All software updates are distributed from a single location to free up staff from routine PC maintenance. Individual terminals cannot be altered in any way by patrons, eliminating the need for lock-down or ghosting software.

Use V-Link for access to: Internet\E-mail, MS Office applications and for your OPACs.

V-Link thin client terminals contain no moving parts (no fans or hard drive) thereby avoiding the problem of expensive and time consuming PC repairs. V-Link stations emit very little heat, produce no noise and consume a fraction of the electricity a PC does in a day of operation. This adds up to a more comfortable library and lower utility bills.

Patented (link to patent doc) V-Link software High performance server(s) (link to hardware) Plug & play V-Link thin client devices & LCD monitors (what is a thin client? FAQ) Supports external disk drives, select USB flash drives and CD-ROM drives

Flexible configuration:
Using comprehensive V-Link usage reports, customers can redistribute terminals for optimal utilization. In a matter of minutes, a terminal can be reconfigured from a filtered Internet station to an OPAC station.

Every customer receives a customized set of screen graphics including start screen and wall paper to match the identity of the organization. Each V-Link installation is unique.

One Source:
Veicon provides a turnkey hardware & software system for full accountability. Low total cost of ownership (TCO) means that valuable funds can be used elsewhere. Optional features expand the capabilities of V-Link for the perfect turnkey solution:

V-ASC - Patron time management and reservation software
V-Print - Print management software
V-Filter - Internet filtering software (CIPA optional)

For pricing, please consult a Veicon Sales Manager: 888-645-2288 x 5 or

Canned V-Link demo - screen shots of V-Link session ****

Above: Office, Internet, Email station


V-Link Features


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