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Internet Filtering Software For V-Link Integrated Public Access Systems

Veicon's extensive Internet filtering software, V-Filter is a low cost option for libraries running V-Link. Libraries seeking federal grant eligibility can now opt for a CIPA compliant version of V-Filter. Installation is made simple by V-Links centralized, server based infrastructure.

CIPA compliant V-Filter is available

Policy management
Filtering options & actions

  • 30 individual categories of Web sites and 10 user-defined categories
  • Both URL and IP addresses filtering
  • File extensions filtering
  • HTTP and HTTPS traffic control " Restricted search phrase
  • Time-of-day restrictions
  • Deny, allow, coach (warn, but allow), delay, report only or re-direct blocked URLs


  • Automatic control list downloads and reporting
  • Powerful remote management capabilities
  • E-Mail alert


  • Create unique filtering response message for end-users
  • Add, delete, or exemplify sites from categories
  • Pattern matching: build dynamic rules for granular custom filtering
  • Custom restrictions on identified workstations, groups or users


  • Scheduled, automatic delivery
  • From 48 to more than 100 views
  • Views range from individual user analysis to category, group, and location analysis; select from 11 languages
  • Detailed and summarized reports: allowing customization of reports (html) and the ability to export XML and move to (excel/ascii format or to a text database)

URL Control List

  • Rated most accurate by independent study
  • Over 4.0 million entries in the master database and growing daily
  • Broad international coverage
  • Incremental downloads (changes only)
  • Download via HTTP or FTP
  • Read from RAM or disk
  • Tightly compressed list data storage
  • Daily downloads of control list updates
Art and culture Anonymmizers and translators
Chat Job search
Criminal skills Webmail/Personal Communications
Cults/occult Lifestyle
Dating Mature
Drugs Nudity
Entertainment Online sales and merchandising
Extreme/Obscene/Violence Personal pages
Gambling Politics/Opinion/Religion
Games Portal sites
General news Self-help/Health
Hate speech Sex
High bandwidth Sports
Humor Travel

SRV-FLTR V-Filter Server

The SRV-FLTR V-Filter server hosts the V-Filter Software. It connects to the V-Link Server and filters Internet content for all terminals in the system that have filtering enabled.


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