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Veicon Technology Announces Expansion
into Seven Additional States

Beaverton Oregon - Veicon Technology, Inc., announced its growth into public libraries in seven additional states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Georgia and South Carolina. Veicon now has library installations in 12 states with the expectation that this number will double by the end of 2004.

While the increase in sales may not reflect a change in the economy, it does indicate that libraries are recognizing the long term benefits behind a more secure desktop solution. "One of the toughest challenges Veicon has faced was demonstrating that our thin-client technology is vastly superior to the "dumb terminals" of yesteryear. Graphical user interfaces and peripheral support alone show the advances the technology has undergone." Chong Lee, Veicon Executive VP

Veicon's thin-client solution is becoming popular amongst library consortiums looking for new and efficient ways to use their allotted budget dollars. RFP's that have traditionally been sent to PC consultants are now being received by Veicon, signifying increasing acceptance of thin-client technology in the library market.

For libraries dealing with cut backs in budget and staff, employing full-time technical support personnel to handle PC maintenance is becoming less financially feasible. Veicon offers a more manageable, single source solution that reduces staff involvement and proves far more affordable than the alternative. The benefit of this solution becomes even more apparent the longer 'V-Link' is in service - 'V-Link' will always offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO.)

The map below shows Veicon's current presence in the library market. Veicon anticipates further account growth into Midwest, East Coast, and Southern territories in 2004 through continued marketing efforts.

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