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Five Washington County Libraries Use Veicon Technology's Internet and E-mail Access Terminals

Thin-client Internet solution provides low maintenance and high security

Beaverton, Oregon - Veicon Technology, Inc., announced that, after year-long test installations at the Tanasbourne Public Library and Shute Park Library, the cities of Hillsboro and Tualatin, Oregon, have signed contracts to expand Internet access and email support by installing additional units. Now including the Cedar Mill Community Library, Forest Grove City Library, and the Tualatin Public Library, there are a total of 35 V-Link Internet and e-mail terminals installed at these five libraries for patrons to use every day. These Internet and e-mail terminals are easy for the staff to maintain and provide high security for the patrons.

Veicon's V-Link Internet access solution is very attractive, technically and financially, to these libraries, as they provide the public with Internet and e-mail access. The thin-client V-Link terminals require very little maintenance, compared to a standard PC, yet provide all the Internet access capabilities library patrons want. Also, these thin-client terminals have built-in security safeguards so all personal information is completely wiped off each machine after each use. So the libraries can offer their patrons very secure, always-on Internet access.

"Access to the Internet is one of the most important basic services our public library offers. At the Tualatin Library, we have been able to expand our number of terminals from six PCs to fifteen Veicon terminals which run great. The thin client terminals require no maintenance by library or city staff, which is an added value to our patrons.", says Andrea Keifer, Technical Services Librarian, Tualatin Public Library.

The V-Link terminals run Microsoft's thin-client Windows environment, providing patrons with a familiar user interface and popular software such as Internet browsers, many e-mail clients (including AOL, Eudora, Outlook Express, and Telnet) and optional MS Office tools, as well as local and network printing. V-Link terminals employ Veicon's patented software technology that provides unmatched file system protection, remote administration and both user and system security. Veicon provides complete support, including installation and maintenance, for the V-Link Internet access devices and associated networking equipment.

Unlike other Internet access stations, which typically are PC based, Veicon's V-Link terminals are much easier to maintain and provide greater security for both the library patrons and the network. Troubleshooting usually consists of turning the power off and on.

Also, unlike other Internet stations, users can access their own AOL, Compuserve, and Internet e-mail accounts with complete security. Since there's no disk storage on the V-Link device, no user information is stored after the user logs off. Veicon's patented software technology also wipes all evidence of each user's private files and passwords off the main server and protects the server from library patrons hacker attacks.

"Our V-Link Internet solution for libraries let the library management to focus on their primary responsibilities, without getting involved in managing and maintaining PCs," stated Dr. Chong Lee, Executive Vice President of Veicon Technology. "These Washington County libraries studied various Internet access devices and tested our solution carefully before committing to additional installations. Our V-Link terminals also are becoming very popular in hotels, hospitals, and other public areas."

Veicon Technology, Inc., founded in 1998, is a world leader in public Internet access. Based in Beaverton, Ore., the company supplies Internet access to libraries, convention centers, hotels and other public places. Its flagship V-Link software technology has been awarded a U.S. patent (number 5,958,007) and other patents are pending. Veicon Technology, Inc. is located at 15201 NW Greenbrier Pkwy, Building B5, Beaverton, OR 97006, U.S.A. phone: (888) 645-2288 or (503) 645-1551, Fax: (503) 645-2072. More information is available at

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Ten (10) Highlight Points of the V-Link Installation at Five Washington County Libraries

  1. Performance and reliability have been excellent.
  2. System uptime has been very high.
  3. Library staff involvement has been virtually none.
  4. E-mail features have been highly appreciated by patrons. (AOL, CompuServe, Telnet, Eudora, Pegasus, POP3 and IMAP4, and others)
  5. Both local and network printing have been working very well.
  6. The V-Link's built-in security features have been working very well, giving the system solid protection from virus and hacker attacks. Patron's privacy has also been securely protected.
  7. Filtering service has been very flexible and easily configurable.
  8. Customized graphics have allowed each library's identity and brand image.
  9. Monthly service fee has been very cost-effective.
  10. Veicon's tech support has been timely and professional.