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Veicon Technology To Install Over 300 Internet Access
Terminals in Silicon Valley Libraries

Veicon thin client terminals will be installed at nine libraries in Santa Clara county,
California, replacing all the existing public access PCs

" More than two-thirds of Public Internet Access Desktops will be Thin Client (TC) based within five years as TCs offer low ongoing maintenance & support, high availability and superior security features which are essential for public access solution", forecasts Veicon's Dr. Lee.

Beaverton, Ore. -- Veicon Technology, Inc., received a contract award from the Santa Clara County to install more than 300 V-Link public library terminals. Initial installation will start this month, with the planned completion for all the terminals in 90 days. The contract includes installation and support of Veicon's patented V-Link™ public access solution for patron Internet access, e-mail, online library catalog access and other applications. Veicon will also install and support its advanced filtering system, V-Filter. V-Link™ public access terminals and the V-Filter system will be installed in nine public libraries in Santa Clara County including Milpitas, Cupertino, Los Altos and Saratoga. Veicon also will integrate these public access stations to the county's networking environment, resulting in low-maintenance, trouble-free public Internet access points where library patrons can check their own email accounts, access the Internet, access online catalogs and use Microsoft Office tools.

"The interface to Veicon's patented V-Link thin client software can be set to offer a user the choice of the library catalog, library subscription databases, and access to the Internet. It also allows users access to email clients and Microsoft Office. Thin-client terminals are reliable, need less maintenance support than personal computers and require much less energy to operate. The smaller footprint of a thin client terminal will improve the appearance to the library's public areas over that of a traditional personal computer.", Charlotte Doudell, Information Systems Manager at the Santa Clara County.

"We are extremely happy to win this contract from Santa Clara County, as these libraries are located in the heart of the world's high technology center, the Silicon Valley," stated Dr. Chong Lee, Executive VP and founder of Veicon Technology. "The significance of this contract award is that Veicon now has established a pathway to the national market. We believe that more than two thirds of the public access PC stations in today's libraries will be replaced by thin client alternatives in the next five years."

"Our thin client V-Link and V-Filter systems, combined with our knowledge of advanced networking technology, offer a truly cost-effective alternative to PC based desktops. For example, Veicon's solution comes with a built-in automatic virus protection capability. This feature alone allows the maximum availability of the public access system, minimizing the downtime and staff involvement in managing the public desktops," stated Stewart Bartlett, Executive Director of Library Business at Veicon.

In June 2002, Veicon Technology successfully completed replacing all public access PCs in two libraries in the City of Hillsboro, Oregon, by installing 49 V-Link terminals for Internet, e-mail and online catalog access. In September 2002, Veicon successfully installed 57 V-Link terminals at the Puyallup (Washington) Public Library's new 38,000 sq ft building. Veicon recently expanded its V-Link installation sites to three additional states; Wisconsin, Idaho and Nevada.

Veicon's V-Link Internet access devices run Microsoft's thin-client Windows environment, providing library patrons with a familiar user interface and popular software such as Internet browsers and office productivity software. V-Link employs Veicon's patented software technology that provides unmatched file system protection, remote administration and both user and system level security. V-Link terminals require much lower maintenance and provide greater security for both the users and the network than standard personal computers. Since there's no disk storage on the V-Link device, no user information is stored after the user logs off. Veicon's patented software technology also wipes all evidence of each user's private files and passwords off the main server and protects the server from hacker attacks.

Veicon Technology plans to expand the program to academic and school libraries and learning centers as well as corporate libraries in the future. Veicon plans to continue expanding its commercial customer base including hospitals, hotels, convention centers and airports, as well as corporate public areas such as cafeterias and visitor centers.

Veicon Technology, Inc., founded in 1998, is a Beaverton-based high-tech software and turnkey system company specializing in public Internet access technology and systems. Veicon's turnkey approach offers the customers with significant finacial benefits of avoiding the needs for ongoing in-house thin client expertise and expensive custom development. Its flagship V-Link Internet access technology has been issued a U.S. patent (US Patent No. 5,958,007 and other patents pending), and Veicon is a world leader in innovative, secure, low-maintenance Internet and library public access solution. More information is available at

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