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Veicon Technology and Gaylord Information Systems provide
integrated thin client PAC solution

Patented V-Link smart terminals now support Polaris®
online library catalog access

Beaverton, Oregon - Veicon Technology, Inc., today announced an agreement with Gaylord Information Systems, a leader in library automation solutions and developer of the Polaris integrated library system. Under the agreement, libraries using Polaris will be able to implement thin client technology as a cost-effective solution to accessing the library's public access catalog, the Web, and other library resources.

"Veicon and Gaylord collaborated to integrate Veicon's patented V-Link thin client public access solution with the Polaris Public Access Catalog, commonly referred as PAC," stated Dr. Chong Lee, Executive Vice President of Veicon Technology. "The combined solution is an ideal package for cost-effective deployment of public access desktops. The solution maximizes the effectiveness of the public access terminals without staff involvement, fully protecting the desktops from virus and hacker attacks."

"The world of public libraries is becoming increasingly complex," commented GIS President Katherine Blauer. "Many public libraries and library consortia are looking for ways to better manage their infrastructure, including access to the Internet and the library's catalog. Our customers have told us that using thin clients in their libraries saves them time and money in maintenance costs. By partnering with Veicon, we have made it easy for Polaris customers to implement this type of technology. This helps our customers provide their patrons with expanded access to library resources in a very cost-effective way," Blauer added.

The Polaris integrated library system facilitates all aspects of library operations by providing innovative workflow solutions packaged in a familiar Windows interface. The Polaris staff client provides a complete solution for acquisitions, collection management, cataloging, circulation, interlibrary loan and serials control. Polaris offers a powerful Windows-based PAC for use in the library and a fully customizable library portal web-based PAC (Polaris PowerPAC) accessible from any standard web browser. Today more than 230 libraries use Polaris every day to serve the information needs of their communities.

Veicon's V-Link Internet access devices include a display screen, mouse, keyboard, and 10/100baseT network interface. These devices run Microsoft's thin-client Windows environment, providing library patrons with a familiar user interface and popular software such as Internet browsers and office productivity software. V-Link employs Veicon's patented software technology that provides unmatched file system protection, remote administration and both user and system level security.

V-Link terminals require much lower maintenance and provide greater security for both the users and the network than standard personal computers. Since there is no PC to maintain, troubleshooting usually consists of turning the power off and on. Since there's no disk storage on the V-Link device, no user information is stored after the user logs off. Veicon's patented software technology also wipes all evidence of each user's private files and passwords off the main server and protects the server from hacker attacks.

Veicon Technology, Inc. is a world leader in public Internet/Information access software and systems solutions. Based in Beaverton, Oregon, the company has been supplying Internet access to leading hospitals, libraries, convention centers, hotels and other public places for over three years. Its flagship V-Link software technology is patented (U.S. Patent No. 5,958,007) with other patents pending.

Headquartered in Syracuse, New York, Gaylord Information Systems is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider and the 27-year-old software development division of Gaylord Bros., a leading supplier and innovator in the library industry for more than a century. In addition to its library automation systems, GIS offers workflow analysis, retrospective conversion and database enhancement services to libraries of all types. Thirty percent of GIS staff is composed of professional librarians, including GIS President Katherine Blauer.

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