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Veicon Technology Announces V-PAD, Portable Internet Wireless Device at the HIMSS Annual Conference for the Healthcare Industry

V-PAD Fills the Gap between Notebook Computers and Hand-Held PDA Devices such as Palm Pilots

Beaverton, Oregon - Veicon Technology, Inc., announced the V-PAD™ wireless Internet access device at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, Feb. 4-8, 2001. The HIMSS Annual Conference is the premier national conference for the healthcare IT industry with almost 20,000 attendees. Weighing less than 2.3 pounds, the V-PAD features a bright TFT display with 800 x 600 SVGA resolution on an 8.4" flat screen with a virtual keyboard and stylus for input.

"As a thin-client device with no local disk drive, V-PAD offers high security, reliability, simplicity and portability," stated Dr. Chong Lee, Executive Vice President of Veicon Technology. "With its wireless connectivity options, now hospitals can set up a remote information access system without using either re-packaged laptop computers or hand-held PDAs with very small display screens. The V-PAD fills a necessary niche for a mid-sized device and it is ideal for accessing patients' medical records. By using a V-PAD-based Electronic Chart, hospitals can eliminate treatment delay, paper work and increase treatment quality. Additionally, patients can use the V-PAD to access the Internet, do stock transactions, and check and send e-mail."

V-PAD comes with a rechargeable battery with five hours of operating time. It also comes with built-in internal microphone (ideal for verbal notes), Compact Flash slot (type II), PCMCIA type II slot, serial port, microphone and headphone jacks, two USB ports, Fast IrDA port, stylus pen, and built-in speaker. Another unique feature of the V-PAD is a touch sensitive virtual keyboard allowing the user to type directly on the screen using the stylus pen or even by using fingers.

The V-PAD requires much lower maintenance and provides greater security for both the users and the network than notebook computers. Because it's a thin client device, troubleshooting usually consists of turning the power off and on. Since there's no disk storage on the V-PAD device, no user information is stored after the user logs off. Veicon's patented software technology also wipes all evidence of each user's private files and passwords off the main server and protects the server from hacker attacks.

V-Link also provides Internet access service including V-Link server co-location at the hospital or health care facility for best performance of the V-PAD terminals.

V-PAD offers 100% Microsoft compatibility as it is based on Windows CE.

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