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Gaylord Information Systems and Veicon Technology Form Strategic Marketing Alliance Business Development

Patented V-Link smart terminals now support Polaris®
online library catalog access

Syracuse, NY - Gaylord Information Systems (GIS) and Veicon Technology have announced an agreement that will make it easier for users of the Polaris® integrated library system to purchase and implement thin client solutions in their libraries. The agreement was finalized during the Polaris Users’ Group meeting held in Syracuse at the end of September.

Under the terms of the agreement, GIS Account Managers will work directly with Polaris customers who are interested in adopting thin client technology as part of their ongoing workstation management. “There’s a cycle of workstation replacement that all libraries confront to avoid hardware obsolescence,” commented GIS President Katherine Blauer. “As libraries face an uncertain financial future, adopting thin clients to replace PCs for patron use is becoming much more prevalent. With thin clients, libraries not only save on the cost of hardware, they also save the time and expense associated with managing PCs.”

“Our relationship with Veicon provides us with the opportunity to offer our customers a complete solution for expanding patron services without increasing the burden on library staff,” Blauer continued.

In today’s public libraries, workstations are frequently “assigned” tasks. For example, some are PAC only, some have email and Internet access, some provide word processing and spreadsheet capabilities. In the typical PC environment, each workstation has to be configured separately. In a large library, this can be very time consuming. With the Veicon thin client technology, each station is administered from the central server, completely eliminating the need to touch each client. In addition, because all settings are controlled at the server level, the security of the network remains intact with no opportunity for patron access to Internet and other settings.

“Based on growth statistics published regarding thin client technology and PCs, we believe that 80% of the library public access stations will be replaced with thin client technology in the next three to five years,” said Stewart Bartlett, Veicon’s Director of Library Business. “Our relationship with Gaylord will enable us to assist Polaris customers to adopt this new technology, benefiting libraries by lowering total cost of ownership and reducing staff intervention by providing a more stable, secure and reliable public terminal solution.”

About Polaris
The Polaris integrated library system facilitates all aspects of library operations by providing innovative workflow solutions packaged in a familiar Windows interface. The Polaris staff client provides a complete solution for acquisitions, collection management, cataloging, circulation, interlibrary loan and serials control. Polaris offers a powerful Windows-based PAC for use in the library and a fully customizable library portal web-based PAC (Polaris PowerPAC) accessible from any standard web browser. Today more than 300 libraries use Polaris every day to serve the information needs of their communities.

About GIS
Headquartered in Syracuse, New York, Gaylord Information Systems is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider and the 27-year-old software development division of Gaylord Bros., a leading supplier and innovator in the library industry for more than a century. In addition to its library automation systems, GIS offers workflow analysis, retrospective conversion and database enhancement services to libraries of all types. Thirty percent of GIS staff is composed of professional librarians, including GIS President Katherine Blauer.

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About Veicon Veicon Technology, Inc. is a world leader in public Internet/Information access software and systems solutions. Based in Beaverton, Oregon, the company has been supplying its public ‘V-Link’ thin client based solution for Internet/email access to leading libraries, hospitals, hotels, convention centers, and other public sites for over three years. Its flagship V-Link software technology is patented (U.S. Patent No. 5,958,007) with other patents pending.



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