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Veicon Technology Installs V-Link Public Internet Terminals At Portland Downtown Café, American Espresso

Veicon now officially enters into the retail market

Portland, OR- Veicon Technology has installed three V-Link Internet terminals at American Espresso in downtown Portland so that customers at the café can look at Internet sites and check their email. While Veicon's V-Link Internet terminals have been installed in many libraries, hospitals and hotels; this is the first time V-Link terminals have been installed in a retail location.

"We decided to use Veicon's V-Link Internet terminals as they require virtually no maintenance. In addition, we liked many of its advanced software features including system security and the protection of private information," stated Yoon Suh, owner of the café. "We have received very positive user feedback on the systems already. Our customers are mostly from the Portland State University, as our store is right in front of the PSU campus."

Unlike standard PCs, which require a lot of maintenance, Veicon's V-Link Internet terminals are diskless display units tied to a special computer server. This "thin client" environment is much more stable and allows Veicon to provide Internet access in public environments with minimal down time, while maintaining maximum security.

The V-Link Internet terminals, which consist of a display monitor, a full-sized keyboard and a computer mouse, are more secure than PCs because they contain no hard disk, so no trace of the user's visit remains on the system once the user logs off. Veicon's software also ensures that no artifacts of the visit remain anywhere in the system or on the server.

American Espresso serves more than 200 customers each day in its location at 6th Avenue and Hall Street, downtown Portland. The café has been in this location since 1986, serving the PSU campus.

Veicon Technology, Inc., develops, markets and supports the patented V-Link public Internet access software and terminals (US patent number: 5,958,007, other patents pending), which are installed in convention centers, airports, hospitals, hotel rooms, business centers, libraries, retail outlets and other public places. The V-Link terminals provide secure access to the Internet and office productivity software for the general public and mobile professionals. Recently Veicon's V-Link Internet terminals were featured at the HIMSS 2001 conference in New Orleans, and the terminals were used by approximately 10,000 people during the four-day conference. More information can be found at

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