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DSL Solutions: DSLAM
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Product Description

Veicon DSL (V-DSL) series of products utilize breakthrough technology that enables simultaneous, uninterrupted voice (POTS) and data services to be carried on a single-pair SDSL platform. Brysys is the first to converge the impressive bandwidth power SDSL and the convenience and reliability of standard telephone service into on robust solution.

Veicon DSL opens markets previously inaccessible to data-only SDSL solutions, especially those markets with limited copper infrastructure. Now, access providers can offer affordable, high-quality symmetric data and voice services to nearly any building with a telephone.

In short, Veicon DSL provides the versatility and per line economy you need to maximize your return on network buildout investments.

Veicon DSL-III Key Benefits About Veicon
  • Up to 2.3 Mbps Symmetric Bandwidth to > 1.2 miles (Both max. Uplaod and Download speeds)
  • SDSL & POTS (Voice) Single Pair Solution
  • Superior Performance
  • Affordability
  • Scalability
  • BackboneFlexibility
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Penetrate New Markets
  • Return on
Veicon is a company located in the Pacific Northwest, dedicated to providing patented, proven, innovative and affordable public Internet access stations to libraries, hospitals, and the hospitality/consumer market.

With speeds up to 2.3 Mbps symmetric upstream and downstream bandwidth, SDSL is a superior platform for meeting the data needs of small and medium-sized businesses as will as residential endusers. Until now, service providers have been unable to fully address the needs of potential customers that demand the power of SDSL and the reliability and convenience of standard telephone service, especially those hard to reach customers in areas with limited copper infrastructure. Veicon DSL Advanced SDSL technology provides the answer.

Brysys' new technology opens doors into these previously inaccessible markets while creating wider possibilities for better serving existing markets with new, more attractive, and comprehensive service offerings. Using the Veicon DSL single-pair solution, access providers can now fully capitalize on the existing copper infrastructure.

In addition to its Advanced SDSL technology, Veicon DSL gives access providers more flexibility than standard SDSL solutions. Veicon DSL solutions allow the delivery of up to 2.3Mbps symmetric speed, without deterioration or cross talk up to 1.2 miles from the Veicon DSL concentrator. Veicon DSL solutions give access providers choice in selecting their backbone connection. Leased lines, wireless, LMDS. Satellite, or fiber may be utilized. Overall, Veicon DSL solutions give access providers more control over network expansion and partner selection.

Veicon DSL solutions also provide the scalability necessary to meet the needs of varying markets. With 24 channels per unit, the Veicon DSL concentrator is easily stacked to allow access providers to address the bandwidth needs for all sizes of applications.


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