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  Welcome to the Library Page
Veicon's Patented Solution
The SMART Choice

Utilizing a patented Client/Server hardware model with remote "thin client" appliance terminals connecting with a centralized server, "V-Link" delivers a SMART solution for public and academic libraries that is much more than
just hardware.

Secure: Confidential e-mail files, web pages, and documents are automatically purged upon logout to preserve users' privacy.

Built-in protection from known and unknown viruses is a unique feature of "V-Link" that eliminates the need for software updates.
Managed: "V-link" offers the advantages of centralized administration for set up and redefinition of its functions and capabilities.

CIPA compliant filtering gives users the option for filtered or unfiltered content while V-Print print cost recovery manages patron print jobs.

Affordable: With lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than a PC model, “Thin Client” terminals can drastically lower energy consumption and ongoing IT expenditures. Savings in time and frustration alone make the "V-link" solution invaluable.
Reliable: Because "V-link" operates in a client/server model using remote "thin client" terminals, the solution increases uptime and lessens maintenance often required in a PC environment.
Thin: The "V-link" user interface has been designed around MS Windows to eliminate learning curves. The small physical size of the terminals makes the solution perfect for libraries with limited or no room for expansion.


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