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"It is always a pleasure to come to this Library. Books and Videos are a hit with my kids and they can surf at will and with ease here. V Link provides a very reliable and fast connection across the Globe. Great work folks!!!"  

~ A user at Hillsboro Public Library, Hillsboro, OR

“The patron comes to the print station after they select Print at the terminal. We tell them how many pages and the charge; they give their OK or not – it’s that simple. We love V-Print!"

~ Debbie Thomas

Derby Public Library, Derby, Kansas

"Veicon's technology appears to be very reliable and maintenance, especially when compared to desktop PC's, is virtually non-existent. Our city IS shop loves Veicon!...Our public finds the terminals easy to use and our Reference librarians don't have to fiddle with the terminals at all."

“We have been using Veicon V-Filter filtering solution for almost 10 years.  The solution has been highly dependable and flexible.  It supports all the filtering needs in our library, in a highly cost-effective manner.  We love the V-Filter filtering solution.”

~ Michael Smith, Assistant Library Director
Hillsboro Public Library, Hillsboro, OR

“Patrons and staff all appreciate the V-ASC time management and reservation system…we have collected overdue fines from many patrons and all abusive patrons have stopped. The system also increased our patron card base by getting new signups – all due to Veicon!”

“We are using Veicon V-ASC’s PC power management features to turn public PCs off and on, automatically.  The “off” part is the most critical as sometimes we have trouble getting people out of the Library at closing and this allows them to only go until we are closed.  With the V-ASC’s friendly library closing time messages and the scheduled power “off” feature, our library staff no longer has trouble with patrons on the internet stations at closing, while saving energy as a green feature of Veicon V-ASC.”

~ Linda Flowers

Ashland Public Library, Ashland, OH

“I am so very happy with the V-Print system. No more of those patrons printing many page documents and going away with one or two sheets and leaving the rest—wasted. Our staff will not print items until they have been paid for. The module has more than paid for itself. I love Veicon's V-Print solution!”


~ Annie Adam

Caldwell Public Library, Idaho

"This is one of the best NetWare software I have seen so far. I am truly impressed!"

~ Richards
User from Hillsboro Public Library, Hillsboro, OR

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