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Do you know any tradeshows of which Veicon should attend? If so, please contact us at

Veicon attends many conferences nationwide. We value the time spent with our customers. Do you have any programs that need a speaker or representative? Veicon is open to holding seminars and programs to hear your ideas. We look forward to taking the opportunity to talk about Veicon's smart terminal thin-client solution, V-Link.

2007 Conferences

Janurary 19-22

ALA- Seattle, WA

April 11-14

TXLA- San Antonio, TX

November 07

CODI- Pittsburgh, PA


2006 Conferences

March 21-25

PLA- Boston, MA

April 5-7

OLA- Salem, OR

April 25-28

TxLA- Houston, TX

May 17-19

ULA- St George, UT

Aug 20-24

IFLA- Seoul, Korea

Oct 4-6

CODI- Salt Lake City, UT

Oct 26-29

LITA- Nashville, TN


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