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Installation of V-Link Terminal and Customer Service
We are pleased to serve you with the V-Link public Internet access system. We hope that our system meets your need to have public Internet access available for your guests, visitors or patrons. The V-Link terminal is easy to setup and highly reliable to use. However, there are things you can do to make this service even more reliable. Please read below the instructions to install the V-Link terminal and the RMA procedure in case you need to return the unit back to us for service.

Installation of V-Link terminal

  • Install the terminal through a power surge protector to electrical outlet. - VERY IMPORTANT!!
  • Avoid excessive or inadequate heating or air conditioning around the terminal.
  • Keep out improper objects that can damage the system.
  • Do not misuse, adjust or modify the system.
  • Do not neglect basic care of the system.

Even if the main power line to the building is surge protected, heavy equipment operating inside the building can generate power surge. Any power surge can wipe out the system configuration of V-Link terminal. It takes few minutes to reconfigure the system and the V-Link terminal will recover back to normal right away. However, it has to be done manually by our certified engineer on site, which would not only disrupt the service but you may be charged for system reconfiguration had the terminal not been surge-protected.

We offer you an option of purchasing, leasing or renting a power surge protector from us, or an option to waive it. If you choose to waive the option of purchasing, leasing or renting a power surge protector from us, you must install a power surge protector yourself, sign and return the confirmation form back to us. Exempt from this requirement are customers who have received V-Link terminal for evaluation or demonstration only. These customers, however, are asked to install power surge protector voluntarily. It is advised that a quality power surge protector, commercially available, would do while a simple power strip is not accepted.

Hardware Warranty Registration
We, on behalf of you, have registered the V-Link hardware with manufacturer for an extended period of three years, which is effective on date of shipment to you. During this period Veicon Technology will process the warranty claim from you according to the limited warranty policy of the manufacturer. Please see www.wyse.com for detailed warranty information.

Customer Service
When you have a problem with V-Link terminal or need customer service, please contact the number below:

  Urgent Technical Support General Customer Service
Local, Portland OR 1-888-935-3339
(503) 645-1551
Toll-free 1-888-935-3339 1-888-645-2288

A support technician or engineer will try to diagnose and fix the problem over the phone. If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, a technician will visit the installation site, if it is located local, Portland, Oregon, or a RMA number will be issued to return the unit back to us for service.


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