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V-Link can benefit you in the following ways:
Convenient Located conveniently for guests, business travelers and patrons. Quick and easy access to email, MS tools and browsers.


Designed to have the same feel as customer's home or office computer.
Reliable Exceptionally high up time.


Immune against Viruses and hackers.
Private Peace of mind for patrons: all personal data cleared at end of each sessions. Automatic time out.
Low Cost Lower overhead cost means lower price to users. 70% less ownership cost than standard PC based systems.
Low Maintenance No moving parts = no breakdown of parts = high up time. 80% less energy than a typical PC based system.
Customization Customize screens, links and user interfaces to give property owner the best exposure.
Credit Card Swipe Maintenance Free Revenue Generator.
Remote Administration Single server update applies to all stations. Remote monitoring to insure high up time.
Printer Support Local or network printer support to give customers convenient hardcopies.


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