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"Very good! May you please install another second terminal, so that waiting time for free terminal are shorter? It is a wonderful system, fantastic user interface and high speed."

~A user at Silver Cloud Inn
Mukilteo, WA.

"A great resource! A life-saver."

~A user at Statler Hotel
Cornell Hotel School
Ithaca, NY.

"I am using the V-Link terminal at the Silver Cloud in Kennewick. Great idea and excellent perc at Silver Cloud. Thanks."

~A user at Silver Cloud Inn
Kennewick, WA

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Testimonials- Retail

"I appreciate being able to access my e-mail away from home for school work (and personal business) without having to go to the college library. As a student it is often difficult to schedule enough time to wait for the avaliablity to check my e-mail on campus or at the library when I can pay a small and resonable fee to have access at any time. Convenience and low-cost are very important to me as I go to school. I intend to use this service again--and regularly. Thank you."

~A user at American Espresso
Portland, OR.


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Testimonials - Others
"Neat, simple & easy. Exactly what most travelers would want."


"The e-mail access is quick, clear, and easy to use because icons and labels tell the user what does what."

~L. Cameron

"I really like the V-Link concept. Nice going. I look forward to seeing these terminals everywhere."

~J. Fitzgerald


~R. Smith
Net Access

"Very impressive! I like the choice of e-mail clients, as well."

~R. Lukens
Internet Connection


"V-Link™ concept frees people from the need to lug their laptops when they travel, yet they can still stay in touch. I believe it will give hotels and other businesses a real edge."

~V. von Schlegell
GT Internet

"I have very little computer experience, but I found the V-Link system very easy to use."



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