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Veicon Technology Announces Resource Management
System (RMST) for Libraries

Veicon's RMST offers a wide range of advanced tools to manage
library resources cost-effectively with
minimum staff involvement

Beaverton, OR - Veicon Technology, Inc., announced Resource Management System (RMS) for libraries. The RMS package includes many advanced and automated features for maximum benefits and use by existing staff resources. Features available in RMS designed to reduce staff involvement include, authenticated session control, print management and print cost recovery, flexible age based content filtering, broadcast messages, fine/penalty reminder messaging system, desktop reservation, use-once password system for guests and visitors and a credit card based payment system.


"We are very pleased to announce RMS for libraries," stated Dr. Chong Lee, Executive VP of Veicon Technology. "It is a natural extension of our IPAS, Veicon's Integrated Public Access Solution. Today most libraries are challenged to make better use of their existing resources to support increasing number of patrons with reduced capital and operating budgets. RMS allows libraries to overcome these challenges with a minimum staff resource and budget."


At the heart of RMS is Veicon's patented V-Link public access technology, which has been proven for patron Internet access and e-mail in many libraries and hospitals over the past five years. V-Link supports major applications of public desktops such as catalog access, database searches, e-mail/Internet access, and office suite applications; any combination of these applications is available in a dynamically configurable fashion to allow maximum flexibility for allocating the desktop resources to the changing demands in libraries.


V-Link employs Veicon's patented software technology that provides unmatched file system protection, remote administration and both user and system level security. V-Link systems require much lower maintenance and provide greater security for both the users and the network than standard personal computers. Since there's no disk storage on the V-Link device, no user information is stored after the user logs off and there is no hard drive to fail. Veicon's patented software technology also wipes all evidence of each user's private files and passwords off the main server and protects the server from hacker attacks, protecting the system even from any unknown viruses.


Veicon Technology, Inc., founded in 1998, is a Beaverton-based high-tech software and

turnkey system company specializing in public Internet access technology and systems.  Its flagship V-Link Internet access technology has been issued multiple U.S. patents, and Veicon is a world leader in innovative, secure, low-maintenance Internet and library public access and resource management solutions. Backed by Veicon's patented technology solution and exceptional customer service philosophy, Veicon's customer base has grown to cover more than a dozen states in five years. Veicon Technology, Inc. is located at 15201 NW Greenbrier Parkway, Bldg B5, Beaverton, OR 97006, U.S.A. Phone: (888) 645-2288 or (503) 645-1551, Fax: (503) 645-2072. More information is available at

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